The Annual 2024
Hello and welcome to The Annual 2024! A yearly tradition of my favourite music that I enjoy sharing with you. This year features Grammy award winning artists and songs in full force. Let’s take a...
Knock at the Cabin
The previews draw you in. A gay couple in thriller that is determined to protect their family. The question is does M. Night Shyamalan deliver?
Global Icon
Kylie Minogue has accepted the Global Icon Award at the 2024 BRIT Awards. She also recently won her 2nd Grammy Award for her 2023 hit Padam Padam.
Winter Solstice 2023
Sometimes things change rapidly, like an exploding star. Stars don’t shine in singular places. Sometimes things change rapidly, like a snowstorm. Coating the world as far as you can see in bright white. Millions of...
Padam, Kylie is Back!
Happy Birthday to the Pop Princess. Kylie Minogue is officially back in the charts and what a way for her to celebrate her 55th birthday. Padam Padam has taken social media by storm in a...
The Annual 2023
Hei fra Bergen and welcome to the Annual 2023. It’s been an amazing journey of music. The highlight of my last year’s music discover certainly was the opening and closing concerts of Sydney World Pride...
Winter Solstice 2022
Good wishes…To those who have had bad luck,To those who deserve better,To those whose light needs rekindling.
They say they are fighting for states’ rights. They are lying. They are fighting against our freedoms. Were they fighting for states’ rights when they passed the Defense of Marriage Act and proposed a constitutional...
The Annual 2022
It is that time again! Welcome to the Annual 2022. I really enjoyed the selection process this year with so much great songs and talent on display.
Winter Solstice 2021
Hope demands action,Planning begets positivity.
Burning Bridges
Take a look at this beautiful acoustic video from Sigrid. The haunting quality suits Burning Bridges so well and truly show cases the Norwegian’s voice.
A Second to Midnight
No hesitation, this catchy song shines a light in the dark.
The Annual 2021
Welcome to the Annual 2021 where I celebrate my passion for music. This past year has been a great year for music with disco enjoying a return while we all yearn for the dance floor.
Crying at the Discotheque
This past year has been a revival of disco music.
Real Groove
The third single from Kylie Minogue’s Disco is truly a gem.
Winter Solstice 2020
Half the battle is the ascent,You must also descend,So take a moment to pause.